Northumberland Named As One Of Best Places To Live In The UK

Now’s the time to book accommodation in Northumberland if you’re looking for somewhere to relocate your family – it’s just been named as the eighth best place to live in the UK, taking into account aspects important to family life such as sleep, childcare, crime, housing, ealth, sunshine and time spent together
with family.

The Better Family Life Index from found that 49 per cent of parents would think about moving elsewhere in the country to improve their circumstances, while 43 per cent are worried that they’re not giving their families the best start in life.

Of course, if you do decide to up sticks and move elsewhere, it’s important that you head out to the region in which you want to live and have a bit of an explore first so that you can be sure it’s the right place for you and your family. Relocating would be an expensive mistake to make if you don’t choose your new area wisely.

Tashema Jackson, money expert with, said: “Although there is much to celebrate in many areas, it’s not surprising that so many families are thinking about moving to a new region to improve their circumstances. For many consumers, the prospect of increased uncertainty in the run-up to Brexit may be a turning point, leading us to re-evaluate both how we manage our household budgets and how we provide stability for our families in the future.”

There’s so much to see and do here in Northumberland that if you are thinking about making the move to this wonderful part of the world, a short visit here will make up your mind for you instantly! You could try your hand at falconry in Hexham, for example, explore Cragside House and Gardens in Rothbury at the weekend, spend hours upon hours discovering the stunning local coastline, find lots of Roman ruins, take a boat around the Farne Islands to see seals and puffins… the list just goes on and on!