Seal Pups Now Spotted On Farne Islands!

Animal lovers had better book places to stay in Northumberland quickly if they want to catch a glimpse of some very tiny seal pups. The first pups of the year have apparently just been spotted on the Farne Islands, so you’d better charter a boat for yourself as soon as possible before they all grow up.

Winter is actually the best time to go to the Farne Islands if seal spotting is your game, since thousands of the animals can be seen in the water and on the rocky outcrops just off the Northumberland coast.

According to Chronicle Live, the majority of the pups are born in November so there’s still time to book accommodation in Northumberland if you want to see them while they’re still very young.

Ed Tooth, National Trust ranger, was quoted by the news source as saying: “A lack of predators and a plentiful supply of sand eels and gadoids (cod), which make up a majority of the seals’ diet, has contributed to the success of the colony. The seals have also selected a different location for their rookeries, the breeding sites for the seals. Previously, more pups were born on the islands of North and South Wamses, but now many seals try to breed on Brownsman and Staple islands.”

You’ll be able to charter a boat very easily indeed and tours around the Farne Islands run hourly every day. Depending on how long you want to be out there and just what you want to see and do, you can also get off the boat and go on a tour of the islands themselves, getting up close and personal with the seals and birds.