Holidaymakers Issued With Drone-Flying Warning

If you’ve just booked yourself b and bs near the a69 and can’t wait for your Northumberland holiday to start, bear in mind that you’ll need to be careful if you do plan to fly drones around the Northumberland coastline.

The National Trust has warned that in places like Lindisfarne Castle, the organisation does have an important role to play in protecting historic buildings from equipment like drones because they are susceptible to damage and any repairs required because of drones could be quite costly.

If you do want to carry out video activity on parts of the coastline in this part of the world, make sure you get in touch with the National Trust first on 01665 576874.

“The Northumberland Coast offers a home to a whole host of wildlife – from rare migratory birds and Atlantic grey seals to colourful puffins. The coast is covered by many national and international conservation designations, meaning that it’s an area that must be carefully looked after by our expert rangers and conservationists,” the Trust went on to note.

Here in the UK, ministers are considering bringing in measures that would see anyone who buys a drone having to register it and also take a safety test in order to prevent potential incidents with passenger jets. In addition, criminal liability could also be included for anyone who does fly an unmanned aerial device in no-fly zones around prisons and airports, as well as a hike in fines (which currently cannot go above £2,500).