Have You Been Stargazing In Northumberland Yet?

Here’s something you absolutely must do from your b and b in Northumberland – stargazing! The Northumberland International Dark Sky Park, which was launched in 2013, is the largest area of protected night sky in Europe so it’s the best place in England to go if you want to stare up into the heavens.

In towns and cities, thanks to light pollution, you can only ever really see a handful of stars and they’re not especially clear. But in Northumberland, you can see up to 2,000 stars at any one time and you can even see the Andromeda Galaxy – similar to the Milky Way – with your naked eye.

You’re also quite likely to see the Aurora if you book a stay in this part of the world and it’s actually the best place in all of England to catch the phenomenon. The best time to see the moon is in the first quarter and you’ll be able to spot craters and mountain chains, as well as spotting Saturn, Jupiter, Mars and Venus when they’re above the horizon.

The best time of year to go stargazing here is winter because the sky is at its most transparent when temperatures drop, so now’s the perfect time to book a stay in a bed & breakfasts Northumberland. Just make sure you wrap up warm so you can really enjoy the spectacle!

Northumberland National Park is now holding a series of stargazing events so make sure you do a bit of research to see if there’s something going on while you’re on holiday in Northumberland this season.