Here’s What You Need To Know About Lindisfarne

With so many great places and experiences on your doorstep, it’s no wonder so many people who opt for a ‘staycation’ and holiday in the UK are looking for the best places to stay Northumberland has to offer.

Today, we’re looking at the local destination of Lindisfarne – a beautiful coastal island. While it’s a fair hour’s drive from The Reading Rooms B&B great central location, it’s well worth the drive to witness some of the amazing sights to see and events the island holds.

The Holy Island of Lindisfarne is, as the name suggests, a hotspot for religion, with important historic religious texts famously coming from the island. It’s small, but beautiful, with equally stunning views of the National Trust Nature Reserve as period churches.

There is a bi-daily low tide, which reveals a walking path to the island that was once trodden by monks, and leads to a village which holds the island’s residents – who number some 180.

Perhaps the island’s most famous landmarks is the ruins of Lindisfarne Priory, which was destroyed by a Viking attack in the 8th century. The castle atop the hill can be taken in from these ruins too, which seems to almost swell from the ground.

You may have also heard of Lindisfarne Festival – a critically acclaimed music and art festival which this year is held between 1st – 4th September.

Of course, given the island’s religious heritage, the festival is not held on the island itself, but on the nearby Northumberland coastline, making the beautiful island the backdrop to the festivities.

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